A complementary eBook available on the Amazon Appstore and Google Play store. In addition to creating a beautiful print version, an eBook seemed like an appropriate companion for a quick and portable guide where ever you go. Though the book was specifically about the Amazon Appstore, our client wanted this eBook to be available on Google Play and eventually the iOS iTunes store. As lead developer on the project, I was tasked to research and implement our best options.



Cordova combined with the Ionic2 framework was the best choice. Cordova allowed us to build out both Android and iOS files using the same code base. Ionic2 supplied device specific UI components, giving our eBook the look and feel of a native app. Since this was the first of many upcoming eBooks for our company, the Angular2 application was structured for intended reuse. By simple replacing the JSON content of one book for that of another, the application would be a completely new eBook, sharing the exact same functionalty.


HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Ionic2 (Angular2 and Cordova)
Front-End Development