An internal mobile web application for Alaska Airlines’ flight attendents and pilots. The app is a customizable tool where flight attendants and pilots can lookup flight and crew information, schedule training days, manage vacation, and so much more. Indigo Slate was tasked with redesigning and rebuilding the UI of their exisiting management system. To help streamline the user flow and get around some of the third-party backend performance issues, we decided to implement a single-page frontend solution using AngularJS.



Worked closely with UI Designers, fellow UI Developers, Full-Stack Developers, technical project managers, quality assurance, and Alaska Airline developers. This project had a very short, demanding deadline that required us to work onsite to better facilitate communication between teams.


This was a challenging project, but despite the tight timeline, the whole team came together to get it all done. Being one of the first software applications for our company, we learned the importance of documentation, having style guides for reference, proper sprint planning, and utilizing reusable UI components.


AngularJS, .Net, Sharepoint
UI Development, some UI/UX Design