The first of many highly interactive and animated assessment tools. Full-stack developer, designer, and I met up for daily check-ins to ensure everyone was on the same page. Built with AngularJS, .NET, and Marketo. I was responsible for the UI. This tool was fully responsive, incorporated timed and staggered CSS3 animation, and lots of subtle use of motion to guide the user towards the next question.




A fun, humorous ad campaign to entice customers to purchase new Intel laptops. The landing page include HTML5 video, Microsoft-grade accessibility testing, and expanding/collapsing interaction using vanilla JavaScript. Though it was a static landing page, there were some challenges to overcome. Due to the number of participating retailers like Walmart and Staples, I had to build a page that allowed for slight product and content variations. Using Gulp and Nunjucks Templating Engine kept it light and left the code base maintainable regardless of how many versions we had to create.



An AngularJS and .NET internal assessment creator for Microsoft. The assessment generator allowed authorized users to customize the questionaire before sending it to the customer. This was a demanding timeline where development only had a few weeks to build a very complicated application. Worked closely with full-stack developer, UX/UI designers, and quality assurance. Daily SCRUM meetings and JIRA were essential to ensure the team was consistently updated on progress and blockers.


HTML, CSS, JavaScript
AngularJS, .NET, Gulp, Nunjucks and LoDash/Underscore Template Engine, JIRA, Visual Studio IDE
UI Development