At Cobalt/ADP, now CDK Digital Marketing, I was part of the PowerBrand team. It was a new product line and orders were coming in at a rapid pace. Work required a balance of graphic design skills and front-end coding. Some were good at front-end while others were more comfortable designing. Production was intense. Our queue was increasing by the hundreds while deadlines remained fixed.


As the HTML/CSS technical lead, I served as the ‘go-to’ for any build questions. When production was slow, I would use that time to optimize our existing templates. These were desktop and mobile boilerplates that designers and developers would use and reuse for each new campaign. My goal was to make these templates as clean and as flexible as possible. Regardless of front-end skills, anyone should be able to use these templates and produce the desired layout quickly.

A living pattern library and style guide was also created to supplement the different boilerplate templates.

With the help and feedback from my team, the new boilerplates were a success. The team appreciated the new layouts and the ongoing revisions and improvements. Though the work was often silo’ed, we would always came together as a team to fix workflow issues and enhance the quality of our work.


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Worked with Designers and Developers
UI Design, Front-End Development